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Speaking confidently.

How often do we wish we had reacted differently in a conversation, a negotiation or a meeting? We wanted to say something completely different, we didn't want to get angry, and we were certainly not going to be manipulated! Ten minutes after the discussion, we come up with the answers and witty responses we wish we had used earlier. The video course from Michael Rossié, "Speaking confidently in Michael's everyday business life – I'll inspire you to talk", brings you 20 fun episodes of fixes and ideas for helping in those real life business situations.

Genuine business conversations in 20 video modules

In short, entertaining and instructive films, Michael Rossié presents some tough, authentic business scenarios: Someone is very rude to you, you have to be convincing, you must make small talk or you want to stop a talkative colleague in a meeting. In each module, he demonstrates how things can be done better, easier and immediately. At a length of only 70 minutes, you cannot afford to miss this popular video course.

Watch the first episode here (German only):

"The Decision" deals with the important question of how you want to react in future discussions or conversations. Do you allow yourself to be annoyed so that others can push your "emotional buttons" or do you remain calm and confident and resolve the situation as you wish to? You can decide! If you decide to take the video course, just click here.

When you order the course, you receive access for one year to all 20 episodes.

Find the scenarios that are hard for you and "train" when you want and as often as you like!


Epsiode 1 - Die Entscheidung (The Decision)

  • Episode 01 – Die Entscheidung
  • Episode 02 – Angriffe abwehren
  • Episode 03 – Der rote Knopf
  • Episode 04 – Alles Spinner außer mir
  • Episode 05 – Wut
  • Episode 06 – Hundert Mal
  • Episode 07 – Vielredner stoppen
  • Episode 08 – Small Talk
  • Episode 09 – Motivieren
  • Episode 10 – Der gute Rat
  • Episode 11 – Echte Hilfe
  • Episode 12 – Kritisieren
  • Episode 13 – Kritisiert werden
  • Episode 14 – Schlagfertig sein
  • Episode 15 – Spontan reagieren
  • Episode 16 – Nachdenken unter Stress
  • Episode 17 – Kein blasser Schimmer
  • Episode 18 – Heikle Themen
  • Episode 19 – Loben
  • Episode 20 – Streit schlichten