Success guaranteed with my approach

No speaker improves when they think there's a rule book. If a speaker's constantly directing attention to their own actions, their content suffers and they could, in the worst case, stop speaking completely.


Most people don't need to learn to communicate, they automatically and easily talk to their friends and colleagues everyday. So if they are nervous or struggle with the more stressful situation of presenting in front of a group, it's not because they don't know how.

My participants and I work together to learn ways of incorporating the easy everyday communication into those more stressful speaking situations. Usually within a two day seminar we've cracked it and they are speaking freely and with confidence. It's simply a matter of losing the inhibition to behave in front of a group as you would with your friends.

By mirroring day to day conversations with speaking in front of a group, I show the participants that any kind of deception or pretense is counterproductive. In the seminar we work on being authentic and genuine in front of an audience.

Thanks to my years of experience as an actor and trainer, my approach is very different from a regular rhetoric course, it gives you what a speaker really needs. To my knowledge, there are few courses with the same approach and none with the methods I have developed. Even participants who have already attended many rhetoric courses will learn something new.


In the seminar we'll overcome our own barriers

to authenticity.


Speaking in the media: media training

Many of you will readily agree to advertise a cause in the media should the opportunity arise. However, without any experience of how to behave and best present yourself in the limelight, a lot can go wrong. You not only need to know the special conditions that working with the media can bring, you should also think about your own personal impact on the story. More so when things get difficult or you're asked those challenging questions.

Speaking in front of a group: rhetoric training

When you talk to two or three people, you usually have no problem expressing and portraying yourself, but in front of a group it is more difficult. During my training you will learn how to keep away from boring babble, nervous ticks, ums and ahs. You will become a self-confident personality behind the microphone or on stage and enable your greatest selling point. You.