Who is Michael Rossié?

He has been on stage and in the studio for over 30 years and has been working as a speaker, speech trainer and coach on behalf of many radio and television stations, as well as for all areas of business since 1990. Born in Cologne and raised in the Lower Rhine area, he attended the Ruth v. Zerboni Acting School in Munich after graduating from high school. Afterwards, he worked as a freelance actor and director and, in addition to his work at various theaters, he began with the training of radio announcers and presenters. He also prepared celebrities for appearances on TV.
Today he works on over 200 dates a year in all areas of business and at many universities and academies. Michael Rossié is also a sought-after presenter, dinner and keynote speaker at events and trade fairs of all kinds. Since 2013, he has been the twelfth German speaker to hold the title CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) - an internationally recognized quality award for speakers. He has been Vice President of the German Speakers Association (GSA) for 10 years.

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The first name Michael is easy to say and easy to write. The surname Rossié, however, has an accent aigu on the "e", so the emphasis is on the second syllable. Spoken the name is Ross-jeee. Of course I react to Michael Rossier, Michael Rossie or even Michael Rossi and Michael Rosse but all these versions are wrong. (wink)

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