Your expertise, my experience: the dream team!

You can book one–to–one or two–to–one coaching sessions with me. Whether it is an hour or a whole day, at your place or mine, in a TV studio or cinema, together we can overcome any challenges you have and work on what you need. My coaching expertise covers rhetoric, the media and communication.

With my help entrepreneurs, managers and speakers

improve their impact on others.


Presenting is like flirting with the crowd

  • Keynote coaching for all speakers
  • Speaking freely
  • Presenting with PowerPoint
  • Being funny in your keynote
  • Storytelling
  • Exciting and inspiring keynotes
  • Creating magical moments
  • Reading out speeches
  • Negotiating for sales and more
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Convincing instead of persuading
  • Media coaching for television moderation
  • Teleprompter training
  • Casting preparation for film and television
  • Directing dialogue
  • Directing text for documentary filmmakers