Become who you are!


Seminar participants do not improve as speakers by being given rules to follow or from having their mistakes pointed out.. If a speaker is constantly worrying about himself, the contentt of the speech suffers or even worse: the speaker becomes so stressed and nervous that he cannot communicate at all any more and gives up in panic and disgust. 

The best reason for wanting to listen to a speaker is the speaker herself. So it is imperative that a speaker embraces her true personality, instead of learning rules and Systems to become someone she is not. 

Most people don't need to learn how to communicate. We all communicate with our peers and colleagues every day. If you can't communicate effectively in front of others, it's not because you don't know how.

By comparing presentation style with everyday communication, I will show you that rhetorical devices are counterproductive. It is authenticity that connects you with your audience or clients.

This approach is entirely different from any other rhetoric training that you may have come across and is based on my decades of experience as an actor and trainer.

To my knowledge there are only a few seminars with the same approach and none that use the same methods that I have developed for my trainings.

Even if you have done rhetoric trainings to death, you will learn something new! My methods have been documented in my books.

Become who you are!

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Michael Rossié gehört auch in 2018 zu den TOP 100 Excellent Speakers.

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PREMIUM Speakers

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Die Bezeichnung Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) ist eine international anerkannte Qualitätsauszeichnung für Speaker, die besonders hohe Anforderungen an Qualität und Quantität des Speaking erfüllen. Der Titel wird vom amerikanischen Dachverband der Speaker, der National Speakers Association verliehen. Michael Rossié wurde 2013 der zwölfte Deutsche mit diesem Titel. Weltweit sind ca. 10% aller Speaker CSPs.

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