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Giving speeches is rather simple. Michael Rossié not only shows you how it works, he demonstrates it. Imitation allowed. 


Michael Rossié is the author of well over 50 000 books currently in print. 



SPEAKING - Key-note speeches of any length and to any size of audience. The keynote can be adapted to fit your event. The exact balance between entertainment and information can be individually customized.

PowerPoint free – guaranteed! 

COACHING - One-to-one preparation for speeches, media and Studio presentations or events – from one hour to several days.Training with a journalist, camera or film crew is also possible for more intensive and realistic preparation. 

SEMINARS - One or two-day seminars. Speeches and interactive elements can be combined as needed. A lot of practical exercises, a flexible schedule, and it doesn’t matter whether we are in a conference room or in a TV studio. PowerPoint free – guaranteed! 


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Michael Rossié has worked on stage and working in TV studios for almost 30 years. He works for many TV and Radio stations as well as companies in all kinds of different industries, and has more than 25 years experience as a speaker, speech trainer and coach.

Born in Cologne and raised in the lower Rhine, he attended the Ruth v. Zerboni acting School  in Munich after graduating from high school. He worked for a number of years as a freelance actor and director and also began training radio hosts and TV news anchors. Over the years he has helped a large number of celebrities to prepare for appearances on TV.

Michael has more than 200 appointments a year with film productions, various companies, political parties, academies, schools and high schools with hosts, presenters, speakers, politicians, professors, teachers, trainers, managers, athletes, musicians, salespeople and others who speak in public for a living. Additionally Michael Rossié is a popular and much sought-after presenter, keynote and after-dinner speaker at events and on stages of all kinds.

In 2013 he became the twelfth German speaker to be awarded the title “Certified Speaking Professional”. This is an internationally recognized qualification, established by the National Speakers Association in America. 

Michael Rossié - Langemarckstr. 3a - 82166 Gräfelfing - Germany - Tel.: +49 89 852 753

Speakers Excellence

Michael Rossié gehört auch in 2018 zu den TOP 100 Excellent Speakers.

PREMIUM Speakers

PREMIUM Speakers

German Speakers Association

Michael Rossié ist Vizepräsident der German Speakers Association

Global Speakers Federation

Michael Rossié ist Mitglied in der Global Speakers Federation

Certified Speaking Professional

Die Bezeichnung Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) ist eine international anerkannte Qualitätsauszeichnung für Speaker, die besonders hohe Anforderungen an Qualität und Quantität des Speaking erfüllen. Der Titel wird vom amerikanischen Dachverband der Speaker, der National Speakers Association verliehen. Michael Rossié wurde 2013 der zwölfte Deutsche mit diesem Titel. Weltweit sind ca. 10% aller Speaker CSPs.

German Speakers Association

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